Tanya Charette - Independent Canadian Scentsy Consultant

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Harvest ( Halloween ) Collection 2017 | Scentsy Canada

Explore Scentsy's Harvest collection and discover spooky warmer designs and limited edition fragrances handpicked for the season. Buy online or over the phone by giving me a call @ 1-800-647-9287.


Mr Bones Scentsy Warmer
Mr Bones
Salem Scentsy Warmer
Haunt Wrap With The Carrara Scentsy Warmer
Haunt Wrap With The Carrara Warmer
Give Thanks Wrap With The Etched Core Scentsy Warmer
Give Thanks Wrap With The Etched Core Warmer
Rustic Pumpkin Scentsy Warmer
Rustic Pumpkin
Maple Leaf Scentsy Warmer
Maple Leaf Warmer
Spooky House Scentsy Nightlight Warmer
Spooky House
Superstition Scentsy Nightlight Warmer
Amber Leaves Scentsy Nightlight Warmer
Amber Leaves

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