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2023 EPCOT® Garden Scentsy Bar Bundle

Description: The 2023 EPCOT® International Flower and Garden Festival Scentsy Bar Bundle is live at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida. So starting March 6, Scentsy products that represent our participation in the festival will be available for purchase. The three new fragrances will be available as a limited-time, 3-bar Scentsy bundle. Available between 1 p.m. ET March 6 through 2:59 a.m. ET July 5, while supplies last.

Heirloom Rose: Smells like a breath of fresh air, garden rose and a sprig of lush greens.

Mint Fields: Smells like an invigorating field of spearmint leaves and peppermint leaves with a light breeze of crisp greens.

Soft Plumeria: Smells like pink plumeria with a slice of sweet apple and warm white teakwood.

2023 EPCOT® Garden Scentsy Bar Bundle

Price: $23 CAD | Available March 6 @ 1pm ET, 2023

* Price and availability are subject to change without notice

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