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Do you like Scentsy products? Can't find a local consultant to purchase scents, candle warmers, mini warmers, or other Scentsy merchandise? Why not order online? Buying a product online is safe, quick, and convenient, and best of all, it's shipped directly to your front door. If you have any issues ordering online or would like to make a purchase over the phone, feel free to give me a call at 1-800-647-9287. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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Suc-cute-lent Scentsy Warmer Bundle

24 hrs Only! | Plant Appreciation Day Warmer Bundle | Available Apr. 13 @ 1 p.m. EST

Cinco de Mayo Scentsy Collection

Cinco de Mayo Scentsy Collection | Available Apr. 15 @ 1 p.m. EST

Scentsy Mother's Day Collection 2024

Scentsy Mother's Day Collection 2024 | Available Apr.1, 2024

Harry Potter Scentsy Collection

Harry Potter Scentsy Collection

Spring and Summer 2024 Scentsy Catalog

Canadian Spring and Summer 2024 Scentsy Catalog

Scentsy Warmer of the Month

Scentsy Warmer of the Month | April 2024

Scentsy Scent Of The Month

Bar & Scent Of The Month | April 2024

Disney Collection

Disney Scentsy Collection

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Featured Hot Clearance Deals | Up to 60% Off Select Items

New Scentsy Products 2024

New Scentsy Products 2024

Limited Time Offers and Scentsy Collections

Limited Time Scentsy Offers and Collections

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Scentsy Scented Wax Bars

Order Scentsy Wax Bars Now: Shop for scented wax to melt in your Scentsy warmer. Choose from over 80 different scents. Whether you prefer mild vanilla scents or strong cinnamon there's a fragrance for everyone, order your favorite scent online today.

Scentsy Candle Warmers

Buy Candle Warmers Online: Scentsy candle warmers are available in many different styles, over 47 in total. They come in a variety of finishes, themes and colors and are available in 2 different sizes. They have recently added the premium warmer collection which are superbly crafted and detailed. Check them out today!

Purchase Scentsy Buddies Online

Purchase Scentsy Buddies: Scentsy Buddies are huggable cuties that come to life with a little help from a Scent Pak. Just insert a Scent Pak and bring your Buddy to life with some of the best fragrances Scentsy has to offer.


Shop Scentsy Laundry Products

Shop Scentsy Laundry Products: There’s fragrance, and then there’s full cycle laundry Scentsy fragrance. Our high performance products work best together to fight dirt, lift away stains, soften fabrics and add long lasting scents to your washables.


Shop Scentsy Cleaning Products

Shop Scentsy Cleaning Products: Use Scenty's cutting edge cleaning technologies to fend off dirt and easily dissolve grime for a spotless and beautifully scented home.


Order Scentsy Fragrance Flowers Online

Order Scentsy Fragrance Flowers Online: It absorbs and holds Scentsy fragrance oil for amazing scent that can lasts up to 60 days.

Scentsy Hot Deals

Specials, Deals and Bundles: Are you a frugal person looking to buy Scentsy products cheap? If your answer is yes then you definitely want to check out these deals.

Scentsy Clearance Sale

Scentsy Clearance Sale!

Scentsy Clearance Sale: Save on discontinued warmers, bars, buddies, diffusers and more.

Scentsy Whiff Box

Scentsy Whiff Subscription Box: Discover a variety of new, trending and seasonal products hand-picked by Scentsy each month!


Scentsy Body Care Products

Body Care Scentsy Products: Express your individuality through fragrance while nourishing your skin with vitamin rich formulas. Scentsy Body is fragrance that feels amazingly good. Shop for body cream, body wash, bath salts and more!

Bundle and Save

Bundle and Save - Buy Online Now: Planning on making large purchase? Have friends that would like to order some products as well? Then why not combine and save! These bundles combine a variety of Scentsy products saving you a few extra dollars.

Scentsy Diffusers

Scentsy Diffusers - Immerse yourself in the world of Scentsy Oil Diffusers – the epitome of sophistication and sensory indulgence.

Shop Scentsy Oil Fragrances

Essential Diffuser Oils: Order calming, comforting or uplifting oils online.

Scentsy Pods

Our Scentsy Pods are filled with fragrance beads that provide up to 120 hours of amazing Scentsy aroma.

Scentsy Fan Diffusers

Introducing the ultimate fusion of style, technology, and fragrance – Scentsy Fan Diffusers!

Unplugged Scentsy Products

Unplugged: These Scentsy products don't require a power source to diffuse wonderful fragrance. Choose from fragrance flowers, room sprays and even a portable warmer system!

Scentsy Air Purifier

Scentsy Air Purifier: Our new Scentsy Air Purifier quietly cleans the air around you while also dispersing signature Scentsy fragrance for an amazing fresh approach.

Scentsy Club Canada

Scentsy Club: Create a subscription for your favorite bar, scent circle or other products and never run out of it again. Join the club today!

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