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Fresh Smelling Scentsy Bars

These Scentsy Bars smell like the beach, or the spa. They contain fragrance notes of laundry linen, lavender, mint, fresh cut grass and fresh air.

If you prefer ordering over the phone simple give me a call @ 1-800-647-9287 and I will be happy to help you.
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Sleigh All Day Scentsy Bar
Sleigh All Day Wax Bar
Best In Snow Scentsy Bar
Best in Snow Wax Bar
Vanillamint Scentsy Bar
Vanillamint Wax Bar
Silver Bells Scentsy Bar
Silver Bells Wax Bar
Perfect Peppermint Scentsy Bar
Perfect Peppermint Wax Bar
I'm Snow Over It Scentsy Bar
I'm Snow Over It Wax Bar
Eskimo Kiss Scentsy Bar
Eskimo Kiss Wax Bar
Cozy Cardigan Scentsy Bar
Cozy Cardigan Wax Bar
Aloe Water and Cucumber Scentsy Bar
Aloe Water and Cucumber Wax Bar
Amazon Rain Scentsy Bar
Amazon Rain Wax Bar
By The Sea Scentsy Bar
By The Sea Wax Bar
Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar
Clean Breeze Wax Bar
Clothesline Scentsy Bar
Clothesline Wax Bar
Jammy Time Scentsy Bar
Jammy Time Wax Bar
Just Breathe Scentsy Bar
Just Breathe Wax Bar
Newborn Nursery Scentsy Bar
Newborn Nursery Wax Bar
Scentsy Bars