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Holiday Scentsy Bar 3-Pack  | Holiday Collection 2022

Description : Don't miss out on this limited edition 3-Pack of Scentsy Bars in all-new fragrances. Cranberry Orange Cider, Maple Vanilla Glaze and Swirling Snowflakes. Avalaible while supplies last.

Holiday 2022 Scentsy Bar 3-pack

$23.00 CAD - Available 10/01

* Price and availability is subject to change without notice

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Maple Vanilla Glaze Scentsy Bar

Maple Vanilla Glaze Scentsy Bar: Smells like buttered caramel and dark maple drizzled over caramelized sugar.

Cranberry Orange Cider Scentsy Bar

Cranberry Orange Cider Scentsy Bar: Smells like tart orange, cranberry and apple that's mulled with cinnamon sticks, served warm and wonderful.

Swirling Snowflakes Scentsy Bar

Swirling Snowflakes Scentsy Bar: Smells like sparkling peppermint dances and fresh air with a hint of delicate eucalyptus flower.

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Scentsy Holiday Collection 2022