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Shop Scentsy Bundles and Save

All Available Scentsy Bundles

All Available Scentsy Bundles

6 Scentsy Bar Bundle

6 Wax Bar Bundle - $40.00


Looking to save on Scentsy products? Of course you are! By ordering one of the amazing bundles below you can save yourself a few dollars. Simply find the bundle that meets your needs and click or tap on it to order it online. You can also place an oder by phone by calling me at 1-800-647-9287.

Please Note: bundles are subject to change at any time and some items may be sold out or back ordered.


3 Scentsy Wax Bar Bundle

3 Wax Bar Bundle - $23.00

3 Scentsy Fragrance Flowers Bundle

3 Fragrance Flowers Bundle - $60.00

3 Scentsy Bathroom Cleaners Bundle

3 Bathroom Cleaners Bundle - $32.00

3 Scentsy Laundry Liquids Bundle

3 Laundry Liquids Bundle - $62.00

3 Counter Cleaners Scentsy Bundle

3 Counter Cleaners Bundle - $38.00

Mini Scentsy Warmer Bundle

Mini Warmer Bundle - $87.00