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Scentsy Swipes | Cleaning Wipes

Scentsy Swipes Cleaning Wipes

Available March 1, 2024

✨ Introducing the game-changer in your cleaning routine – "Scentsy Swipes"! 🧼🌈 These scented cleaning wipes are your go-to solution for effortlessly handling everyday messes with convenience and style. Each container boasts 70 wipes, ensuring you're armed and ready for any cleaning challenge that comes your way. 🏡💪 Dive into the freshness of each swipe, as these wipes not only cleanse but also leave behind a delightful fragrance, turning your cleaning session into a scented experience. 🌸✨ Embrace the ease and efficiency of "Scentsy Swipes" as they bring a touch of aromatic joy to your household chores. 🌼🍃 Because who said cleaning can't be both effective and enjoyable?

$17 CAD Each

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Squeeze the Day Scentsy Swipes

Squeeze the Day Scentsy Swipes

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