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Can You Really Join Scentsy For Free?

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The short answer is no. You can't actually join Scentsy without paying an enrollment fee....HOWEVER there are currently 2 options to become a consultant and recuperate part, or all of the signup fee.

Option 1 - Use The Commission Form Your 1st Party To Cover The Sign Up Fee.

  1. Join Scentsy Online Here
  2. Have your launch party and sell at least $1000 in products.
  3. Use the commission ( 20% ) that you earn from your launch party to pay for the starter kit.
It's that simple, use the commission earned from your launch party to pay back the cost of the enrollment fee. 

Option 2 - Enroll Using the Scentsy Host Exclusive Kit

Scentsy Host Exclusive Kit
If you decide to host a party with me and the party total meets or exceeds $265 CAD ( we call that a qualifying party ) you can join Scentsy for $77. Also, If your party total is large enough you can also redeem what is called "hostess rewards" essentially letting you enroll for free. Please note that you not only get the kit at a discount, you also earn commission on the party. This is by far the most cost efficient way to get started on your Scentsy journey!

If you would like more information or would like to enroll over the phone you can give me a call at 1-800-647-9287 and I will be happy to assist you. You can also send me an email to

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