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Scentsy Laundry - Scented Dryer Disks

Scentsy Dryer Disks

Pull your warm, wonderfully scented laundry out of the dryer. Add a Scentsy Dryer Disk to every dryer load to infuse your clothes with fantastic scent. They come in packs of 2 and work for approximately 15 dryer loads.

Buy Scentsy Dryer Disks Online

Pack of 2 $9.00 ( available in different scents )

Buy online or order by phone ( 1-800-647-9287 )

Aloe Water and Cucumber Scentsy Dryer Disk

Aloe Water and Cucumber Dryer Disk

Amazon Rain Scentsy Dryer Disk

Amazon Rain Dryer Disk

Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Dryer Disk

Black Raspberry Vanilla Dryer Disk

Clothesline Scentsy Dryer Disk

Clothesline Dryer Disk

Jammy Time Scentsy Dryer Disk

Jammy Time Dryer Disk

Lavender Cotton Scentsy Dryer Disk

Lavender Cotton Dryer Disk

Luna Scentsy Dryer Disk

Luna Dryer Disk

Scentsy Clean Dryer Disk

Clean Dryer Disk

Shimmer Scentsy Dryer Disk

Shimmer Dryer Disk