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NHL Scentsy Warmers Collection - Officially Licensed

NHL Scentsy Warmers Banner

Hockey fans unite - Scentsy has partnered with the National Hockey League and will be selling officially licensed products! Represent your favorite team and this amazing sport with an authentic NHL branded Warmer, perfect for the collector or any sports room.

Our NHL® Collection includes a Warmer for every team in the league ( all 32! ). These unique Scentsy Warmers make great display pieces for any fan, featuring each individual teams’ colours and logo, plus a base that resembles a hockey puck. Even the wax dish features the official NHL® logo.

* Brand new NHL Warmer bundles will also be offered that include a team's Full-Size Warmer, the Mini Warmer AND the NHL Fresh Ice Scentsy Bar for only $46! Available while supplies last.

50% Off All NHL Products | Available While Supplies Last

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NHL Scentsy Mini Warmers

NHL Scentsy Mini Warmers

Toronto Maple Leafs Scentsy Warmer

Toronto Maple Leafs Warmer

Montreal Canadiens Scentsy Warmer

Montreal Canadiens Warmer

Boston Bruins Scentsy Warmer

Boston Bruins Warmer

Calgary Flames Scentsy Warmer

Calgary Flames Warmer

Edmonton Oilers Scentsy Warmer

Edmonton Oilers Warmer

Vancouver Canucks Scentsy Warmer

Vancouver Canucks Warmer

Winnipeg Jets Scentsy Warmer

Winnipeg Jets Warmer

Ottawa Senators Scentsy Warmer

Ottawa Senators Warmer

New York Rangers Scentsy Warmer

New York Rangers Warmer

Detroit Red Wings Scentsy Warmer

Detroit Red Wings Warmer

Pittsburgh Penguins Scentsy Warmer

Pittsburgh Penguins Warmer

Chicago Blackhawks Scentsy Warmer

Chicago Blackhawks Warmer

Anaheim Ducks Scentsy Warmer

Anaheim Ducks Warmer

Arizona Coyotes Scentsy Warmer

Arizona Coyotes Warmer

Buffalo Sabres Scentsy Warmer

Buffalo Sabres Warmer

Carolina Hurricanes Scentsy Warmer

Carolina Hurricanes Warmer

Colorado Avalanche Scentsy Warmer

Colorado Avalanche Warmer

Columbus Blue Jackets Scentsy Warmer

Columbus Blue Jackets Warmer

Dallas Stars Scentsy Warmer

Dallas Stars Warmer

Florida Panthers Scentsy Warmer

Florida Panthers Warmer

Los Angeles Kings Scentsy Warmer

Los Angeles Kings Warmer

Minnesota Wild Scentsy Warmer

Minnesota Wild Warmer

Nashville Predators Scentsy Warmer

Nashville Predators Warmer

New Jersey Devils Scentsy Warmer

New Jersey Devils Warmer

Washington Capitals Scentsy Warmer

Washington Capitals Warmer

Tampa Bay Lightning Scentsy Warmer

Tampa Bay Lightning Warmer

Las Vegas Golden Knights Scentsy Warmer

Las Vegas Golden Knights Warmer

St. Louis Blues Scentsy Warmer

St. Louis Blues Warmer

San Jose Sharks Scentsy Warmer

San Jose Sharks Warmer

New York Islanders Scentsy Warmer

New York Islanders Warmer

Philadelphia Flyers Scentsy Warmer

Philadelphia Flyers Warmer

Seattle Kraken Scentsy Warmer

Seattle Kraken Scentsy Warmer

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