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Premium Scentsy Candle Warmers

These are Scentsy's most intricate, detailed and elegant warmers. Each premium warmer is carefully crafted into a work of art that everyone can appreciate while diffusing signature fragrance in any space.

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Polar Panorama Scentsy Warmer

Polar Panorama Warmer - $86 CAD

Glimmer and Glow Scentsy Warmer

Glimmer and Glow Warmer - $86 CAD

Shining Light Scentsy Warmer

New! - Shining Light Warmer - $79 CAD

Crimson Scentsy Warmer

New! - Crimson Warmer - $73 CAD

Dancing Petals Scentsy Warmer

New! - Dancing Petals Warmer - $73 CAD

Flaunt Your Feathers Scentsy Warmer

New! - Flaunt Your Feathers Warmer - $73 CAD

Mirrored Rosé Scentsy Warmer

New! - Mirrored Rosé Warmer - $73 CAD

Palette Scentsy Warmer

New! - Palette Warmer - $73 CAD

Suc-Cute-Lent Scentsy Warmer

Suc-Cute-Lent Warmer - $73 CAD

Carolina Coast Scentsy Warmer

Carolina Coast Warmer - $79 CAD

Marvel Scentsy Warmer

Marvel Warmer - $73 CAD

Himalayan Pink Salt Scentsy Warmer

Himalayan Pink Salt Warmer - $79 CAD

Acute Copper Scentsy Warmer

Acute Copper Warmer - $73 CAD