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Scentsy  Flash Sale 2023

Scentsy Flash Sale 2023

Starts 01/19 @ 11 a.m. ET

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When: The sale will run from 11 a.m. ET Thursday, Jan. 19, through 11 a.m. ET Friday, Jan. 20 — but please be aware, once the inventory designated for this promotion runs out, we will turn off the sale. The sale may end short of the full 24 hours, so don’t wait to shop! Queuing system will be in place due to high website traffic.

Savings Description: To help make room for all the exciting new things we have coming up, we’re having a 24-hour sale with up to 70% off select products!

This sale also includes Mystery Boxes, a surprise selection of discontinued Scentsy product.

Scentsy Mystery Boxes

While we’ll do our best to make each box unique, some customers may receive the same product more than once if they purchase multiple Mystery Boxes.

Warmer Mystery Box - Two full-size warmers - $46

Mini Warmer Mystery Box - Two mini warmers - $33

Scent Mystery Box - One Scentsy Pod Twin Pack | Two Room Sprays | One Scent Circle | One Scent Pak - $20

Oil Mystery Box - Three 15 mL Scentsy Oils - $13

10-Bar Scentsy Bundles

TOTALLY Fruity! - Scentsy Bar Bundle - $46

Take a Breath… - Scentsy Bar Bundle - $46

Explore and Enjoy - Scentsy Bar Bundle - $46

True Love - Scentsy Bar Bundle - $46

Nurture and Grow - Scentsy Bar Bundle - $46

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