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Scentsy Club - Product Subscription Program

Running out of your favorite Scentsy bars, scent circles, car bars and other products can be an absolute nightmare. Scentsy Club lets you schedule regular shipments of Scentsy consumables delivered directly to you in Canada, so you get it before disaster strikes. Scentsy Club also offers exclusive perks available only to subscribers.

Create a Scentsy Club Subscription

How The Club Works

Scentsy Club Canada - Create Subscription Step 1

Step 1 - Create a subscription and choose your products.

Scentsy Club Canada - Create Subscription Step 2

Step 2 - Choose your shipping schedule.

Scentsy Club Canada - Create Subscription Step 3

Step 3 - Take advantage of Club-exclusive perks, such as Always Get My Bar.

** If we discontinue a Scentsy Bar that’s in your subscription, we’ll keep making it just for you (as long as you keep it in your order)!

Scentsy Club Perks

Scentsy Club Rewards and Referrals Program

When you shop Scentsy Club for yourself or refer friends and family who then order from Scentsy Club, you’ll earn points you can use toward future orders in Club or other products — including warmers, diffusers, Scentsy Buddies and more!

You can earn points in two ways:

Scentsy Club Perks

Scentsy Club Rewards

*Terms and conditions apply. Points may not be used for licensed products in a non-Scentsy Club order. You will not accrue points from the tax on your total amount spent.

Scentsy Club's Most Popular Products

  • Scentsy Bars
  • Scentsy Whiff Box
  • Scentsy Laundry Products
  • Unplugged Scentsy Products

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