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Scentsy Go FAQ

Scentsy Go - Available September 1st


  • What is the purpose of Scentsy Go? - Scentsy Go is a portable scent system that allows you to bring amazing fragrance wherever you go. In your car, cubicle, camper...anywhere!
  • What kind of battery does the Scentsy Go System use? - Lithium ion
  • How do you charge the Scentsy Go warmer? - You charge the unit using a standard USB cable, which is included. Simply plug the USB charging cable into into a wall adapter, laptop, desktop or your vehicle.
  • How long does it take for Scentsy Go to start working? - Scentsy Go starts to work the instant you turn on it on.
  • How long does the Scentsy Go system last before needing to be recharged? - It can last up to 40 hours between charges.
  • How many colors can the Scentsy Go unit display? - Scentsy Go can display 7 different LED colours. White, yellow, green, teal, dark blue, pink and red.
  • How many fan speeds are there? - You can choose from 2 different fan speeds, normal and eco.
  • How tall is the Scentsy Go unit? - 14cm / 5.5"
  • What kind of warranty does it come with? - Scentsy Go is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Does Scentsy Go come with Scentsy Pods? - No, it does not. They are purchased seperately in packs of 2 for $13 each.
  • What type of material is Scentsy Go made of? - Scentsy Go's top and bottom are made of polypropylene, the outer shell is polycarbonate and the trim is painted nylon.
  • What do I use to clean Scentsy Go? - Simply use a damp cloth to clean the unit. Try to avoid any type of alcohol or solvent.
  • What are Scentsy Pods and what are they made of? - Scentsy Pods contain scent beads that are encased in small plastic cages.
  • How long does 1 Scentsy pod last? - Each Scentsy pod can last up to an amazing 120 hours. You can use 1 or 2 pods in the unit at one time, depending how strong you want the fragrance to be.
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If you prefer ordering over the phone simply give me a call @ 1-800-647-9287 and I will be happy to help you.