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Scentsy Oil Diffusers

The Scentsy Diffuser uses the world’s most advanced ultrasonic nebulizer to diffuse Scentsy fragrance, it has 16 LED lighting options, three mist options and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

To use it simply add water and your favourite Scentsy oil to the diffuser reservoir, choose your mist option, turn it on and relax.

Customize the look of your diffuser with the LED lights or by using interchangeable shades that can be bought separately.

Order online or give me call @ 1-800-647-9287 to order over the phone.

Buy Scentsy Oil Diffusers Online

Wonder Scentsy Diffuser

NEW | Wonder Scentsy Diffuser | $172 CAD

Jeweled Deluxe Scentsy Diffuser

Jeweled Deluxe Diffuser | $86 CAD

Deluxe Scentsy Diffuser

Deluxe Diffuser | $86 CAD

Shine Scentsy Diffuser

Shine Diffuser | $185 CAD ( Base + Shade )

Enrich Scentsy Diffuser

Enrich Diffuser | $198 CAD ( Base + Shade )

Stargaze Scentsy Diffuser

Stargaze Scentsy Diffuser | $198 CAD ( Base + Shade )

Enchant Scentsy Diffuser

Enchant Diffuser | $185 CAD ( Base + Shade )

Reflect Scentsy Diffuser

Reflect Diffuser | $185 CAD ( Base + Shade )

Ascend Scentsy Diffuser

Ascend Diffuser | $185 CAD ( Base + Shade )

Explore Scentsy Diffuser

Explore Diffuser | $185 CAD ( Base + Shade )

Scentsy Wall Fan Diffusers

Wall Fan Diffusers

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