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Meet at the Mistletoe Scentsy Bar

🌿❄️ Dive into the Magic of December with "Meet at the Mistletoe" - Scentsy Bar of the Month! 🍒✨

This December, let the enchanting aroma of "Meet at the Mistletoe" transport you to a cozy rendezvous beneath the mistletoe. A captivating blend of serene mistletoe and subtle cherry, amidst the cool freshness of a forest, this Scentsy Bar captures the essence of the season's romance and natural beauty. Made in Idaho, USA. Net Wt. 2.6 oz.

Meet at the Mistletoe Scentsy Bar

Price: $7.20 CAD if bought in December 2023
Price: $8 CAD after December 2023

* Price and availability is subject to change without notice

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