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Scentsy Summer Collection 2021

Paradise doesn’t have to be a destination, sometimes it’s a state of mind — or some really amazing fragrances and products. And it’s not so far away with the 2021 Summer Scentsy Collection!

Featuring all-new tropical-inspired fragrances, this collection has something to offer that will please  nearly all Scentsy customers — from warmers and wax to oils, Body, Clean and Laundry — not to mention the exciting new Scented Bracelet and a fun group of Buddy Clips!

This new collection will be available May 10th, while supplies last.

** Available starting between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. ET Monday, May 10. Queuing system will be in place.

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Mandala Mason Jar Scentsy Warmer

Mandala Mason Jar Warmer - $66 CAD - New!

Pink Palm Scentsy Warmer

Pink Palm Warmer - $59 CAD - New!

Glitter Teal Scentsy Mini Warmer

Glitter Teal Mini Warmer - $26 CAD - New!


Summer Wax Bars


Blue Agave and Melon Scentsy Wax Bar

Blue Agave and Melon Wax Bar - $8 CAD - New!

Coconut Daiquiri Scentsy Wax Bar

Coconut Daiquiri Wax Bar - $8 CAD - New!

Fiji Flower Scentsy Wax Bar

Fiji Flower Wax Bar - $8 CAD - New!

Mandarin and Mango Nectar Scentsy Wax Bar

Mandarin and Mango Nectar Wax Bar - $8 CAD - New!




Scentsy Scented Bracelets

Scented Bracelets - $16 CAD - NEW!

Scentsy Buddy Clip 3 Pack

Buddy Clip 3 Pack - $60 CAD - NEW!

Scentsy Body Summer Collection

Summer Collection Body Products

Scentsy Summer Collection Clean Bundle

Summer Collection Clean Bundle

Scentsy Fiji Flower Laundry Bundle

Fiji Flower Laundry Bundle