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Butterfly Blooms Scentsy Warmer

Introducing the exquisite "Butterfly Blooms" Scentsy Warmer, a radiant addition to our 2024 Mother's Day Collection. 🌸 This stunning element warmer, adorned with lush foliage and graceful butterflies, exudes elegance and charm. 🦋 Its pristine white design embodies purity and serenity, creating a captivating focal point in any space. Perfect for celebrating the beauty of motherhood, this enchanting warmer adds a touch of nature-inspired sophistication to every room. 💕 Illuminate your home with the gentle glow of "Butterfly Blooms" and let its delicate beauty elevate your senses. ✨

Butterfly Blooms Scentsy Warmer

$46 CAD

* Price and availability is subject to change without notice

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Scentsy Mother's Day Collection 2024