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Just One Bite Scentsy Warmer | Villains Collection

Description : Introducing the wickedly delightful Scentsy Warmer from the Disney Villains Collection - "Just One Bite." Inspired by the iconic poison apple, this enchanting warmer captures the allure and treachery of the Evil Queen's devious gift to Snow White. Step into the realm of dark enchantment as you bring this mesmerizing piece of art into your home.

Just One Bite Scentsy Warmer

Price: $66 | Available September 18, 2023

* Price and availability is subject to change without notice

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  • Just One Bite Scentsy Warmer | Lights On
  • Just One Bite Disney Scentsy Warmer
  • Just One Bite Disney Villains Scentsy Warmer

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Disney Villains Scentsy Collection

Disney Villains Scentsy Collection