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Open Plains Scentsy Warmer | Cow Skull

🌵 Introducing the "Open Plains" Scentsy Cow Skull Warmer 🌵

Crafted with remarkable attention to detail, the "Open Plains" Warmer is a true work of art. Its lifelike representation of a Bull Cow Skull 🐂 brings a touch of rustic charm and Western elegance to any space. Whether it's placed on your tabletop, shelf, or mantle, this warmer is sure to become a striking centerpiece that sparks conversations and admiration.

Wattage: Element | Dimensions: 9 cm tall | Material: Ceramic

Available March 1, 2024

Open Plains Scentsy Warmer

Price: $66 CAD

* Price and availability is subject to change without notice

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  • Open Plains Cow Skull Scentsy Warmer

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$66 Scentsy Warmers