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Pink Flamingo Scentsy Warmer

Add a touch of tropical paradise to your home with the Pink Flamingo Scentsy Warmer! 🌺🏝️ This beautifully crafted warmer captures the essence of the exotic flamingo bird, bringing a vibrant pop of color and whimsy to any space. 💖✨ Inspired by the playful elegance of these beloved birds, this warmer is a delightful addition to your decor, infusing your surroundings with a sense of tropical charm. 🦩🌿 Utilizing an element instead of a traditional lightbulb, it gently warms your favorite Scentsy fragrance, enveloping your room in a captivating aroma. 🕯️💫 7.5" tall, element ( no bulb ).

Pink Flamingo Scentsy Warmer

$79 CAD

* Price and availability is subject to change without notice

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$79 Scentsy Warmers