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Bless This Home | August 2020 Scentsy Warmer Of The Month

Wamer Of The Month Description : Warm light shining through the windows and illuminating the stencil-cut lettering makes the Bless This House Warmer feel like, well home. You can also remove the roof of this special tin warmer to access the hidden dish.

* Available starting August 1st 2020

Bless This Home Scentsy Warmer

Price: $59.40 CAD if bought in August 2020
Price: $66 CAD After August 2020

* Price and availability is subject to change without notice

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If you prefer ordering over the phone simply give me a call @ 1-800-647-9287 and I will be happy to help you.


Bless This Home Scentsy Warmer Unlit

Bless This Home Scentsy Warmer Lit