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Happy Hare Rabbit Scentsy Warmer

Introducing the adorable "Happy Hare" Scentsy Warmer, the perfect addition to your spring decor! 🐰🌼 This charming warmer features a delightful bunny rabbit overlooking a woven basket, creating a whimsical scene that adds a touch of Easter joy to any room. The wax is melted on top of the basket, releasing your favorite Scentsy fragrance and filling your space with delightful aromas. As the Warmer of the month for March 2024, "Happy Hare" is the ultimate choice for celebrating the arrival of spring and Easter festivities. 🎉🌷 Bring home this enchanting warmer and let the magic of "Happy Hare" fill your home with warmth and happiness!

23 cm tall, element

Available Mar.1, 2024

Happy Hare Scentsy Warmer

 Price: $71.10 CAD if bought in March 2024
Price: $79.00 CAD After March 2024

* Price and availability is subject to change without notice

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