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Scentsy Bring Back My Bar Winners 2022

Here are the winners of the last Bring Back My Bar voting round. These bars will be available during the month of January 2022 and will be put back in the "vault" once February rolls in. Get your favourite Scentsy Wax Bars while you can!

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar Winners 2022

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Bring Back My Bar Winners January 2022


Bubblegum Scentsy Bar

Bubblegum BBMB Wax Bar

Ambrosia Scentsy Bar

Ambrosia BBMB Wax Bar

BananaBerry Scentsy Bar

BananaBerry BBMB Wax Bar

Blueberry Rush Scentsy Bar

Blueberry Rush BBMB Wax Bar

Bananarama Scentsy Bar

Bananarama BBMB Wax Bar

Blue Raspberry Ice Scentsy Bar

Blue Raspberry Ice BBMB Wax Bar

Boho Scentsy Bar

Boho BBMB Wax Bar

Casting Spells Scentsy Bar

Casting Spells BBMB Wax Bar

Cherry Almond Pie Scentsy Bar

Cherry Almond Pie BBMB Wax Bar

Cherry Limeade Scentsy Bar

Cherry Limeade BBMB Wax Bar

Coconut Cotton Scentsy Bar

Coconut Cotton BBMB Wax Bar

Grape Granita Scentsy Bar

Grape Granita BBMB Wax Bar

Huckleberry and Clementine Scentsy Bar

Huckleberry and Clementine BBMB Wax Bar

Huckleberry Sage Scentsy Bar

Huckleberry Sage BBMB Wax Bar

Mandarin Moon Scentsy Bar

Mandarin Moon BBMB Wax Bar

Maui Mist Scentsy Bar

Maui Mist BBMB Wax Bar

Midnight Fig Scentsy Bar

Midnight Fig BBMB Wax Bar

Pink Haze Scentsy Bar

Pink Haze BBMB Wax Bar

Salted Caramel Cupcake Scentsy Bar

Salted Caramel Cupcake BBMB Wax Bar

Shimmer Scentsy Bar

Shimmer BBMB Wax Bar

Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar

Simply Vanilla BBMB Wax Bar

Spiced Orange Harvest Scentsy Bar

Spiced Orange Harvest BBMB Wax Bar

Sugar Scentsy Bar

Sugar BBMB Wax Bar

Thunderstorm Scentsy Bar

Thunderstorm BBMB Wax Bar

Banana Nut Bread Scentsy Bar

Banana Nut Bread BBMB Wax Bar

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar Voting 2022

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