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Scentsy Bring Back My Bar - January 2020

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar Canada

It’s time to give the people what they want and bring back everyones favorite Scentsy Bars! These bars will be available for a limied time only starting January 3rd 2020 in Canada, if you see one you like you should probably buy a few because who knows when they will be back!


  • Individual bars will cost $8

  • A 6 pack will cost $40 ( a savings of $8 )

  •  All 25 bars will cost $168 ( a savings of $32 ).


Bring Back My Bar scents are only available between January 3rd and February 2nd, 2020. So stock up while you can!


African Mahogany Scentsy Bar

Our african mahogany scent smells like woods, musk and amber.

Buy African Mahogany Wax Bars Online
Amber Road Scentsy Bar

Amber road smells like glowing red cedar and resinous incense.

Buy Amber Road Wax Bars Online
Apple Press Scentsy Bar

Apple press smells like ripe crunchy apples with a touch of roses and juicy pears.

Buy Apple Press Wax Bars Online
Bananarama Scentsy Bar

This bananarama bar smells like golden, ripe and sweet bananas.

Buy Bananarama Wax Bars Online
Blue Christmas Scentsy Bar

Our blue christmas fragrance smells like orange peels, cloves, fir needles and cinnamon sticks.

Buy Blue Christmas Wax Bars Online
Crisp Orchard Air Scentsy Bar

The crisp orchard air Scentsy bar smells like jam, crisp green apples and sandalwood.

Buy Crisp Orchard Air Wax Bars Online
Frosted White Birch Scentsy Bar

The frosted white birch Scentsy fragrance smells like peppermint frost, eucalyptus, lavender, blonde woods, amber and fir needles.

Buy Frosted White Birch Wax Bars Online
Hawaiian Paradise Scentsy Bar

Hawaiian paradise Smells like a wonderful Buffet of Hawaiian fruits made of pineapple, banana, mango, papaya and coconut.

Buy Hawaiian Paradise Wax Bars Online
Ice Hotel Scentsy Bar

Ice hotel smells like blue mint, arctic pine and winter citrus.

Buy Hawaiian Paradise Wax Bars Online
Luscious Lemon Scentsy Bar

The luscious lemon bar smells like Light, creamy lemon

Buy Luscious Lemon Wax Bars Online
Mad About Mint Scentsy Bar

Mad about mint smells like spicy peppermint and refreshing spearmintand frosted wintergreen.

Buy Mad About Mint Wax Bars Online
Orange Dreamsicle Scentsy Bar

Orange dreamsicle is a classic fragrance combination of of fresh orange, swirled with vanillacream.

Buy Orange Dreamsicle Wax Bars Online
Perfect Oatmeal Scentsy Bar

The perfect oatmeal scentsy bar is a glorious way to wake up! It smells like brownsugar oatmeal topped with toasted almonds and dotted with juicy, dark currant.

Buy Perfect Oatmeal Wax Bars Online
Pistachio Ice Cream Scentsy Bar

This bar smells like pistachio cream and coconut garnish vanilla meringue.

Buy Pistachio Ice Cream Wax Bars Online
Plumeria Scentsy Bar

This amazing scent smelss like Hawaiian plumeria, jasmine and succulent pear.

Buy Plumeria Wax Bars Online
Rainforest Scentsy Bar

The rainforest bar smells like a mix of amber, soft musk, earthy fern, crisp citrus and ripe berries.

Buy Rainforest Wax Bars Online
Redwood and Cedar Scentsy Bar

Scentsy's Redwood and Cedar bar smells like fresh scent with texture and warmth reminiscent of a cedar closet.

Buy Redwood and Cedar Wax Bars Online
Rosemary Mint Scentsy Bar

Rosemary mint smells like soothing mint, tea tree and vitalizing rosemary.

Buy Rosemary Mint Wax Bars Online
Rustic Lodge Scentsy Bar

Rustic lodge smells like warm cedar, oak, wood smoke and fallen leaves.

Buy Rustic Lodge Wax Bars Online
Spiced Berries Scentsy Bar

Spiced Berries smelss like frankincense, myrrh waft and berries to create a timeless Scentsy fragrance.

Buy Spiced Berries Wax Bars Online
Sugar and Spice Scentsy Bar

Sugar and spice smells like black licorice, spicy, herbal and sweet.

Buy Sugar and Spice Wax Bars Online
Sunny and Share Scentsy Bar

Scentsy's sunny and share fragrance smells like spring showers, soft sea air, golden citrus, dewy driftwood and white beach daisies.

Buy Sunny and Share Wax Bars Online
Tahitian Black Orchid Scentsy Bar

Tahitian black orchid smells like a seductive tapestry of black orchid, dark plum, coconut milk and white rose.

Buy Tahitian Black Orchid Wax Bars Online
Wassail Scentsy Bar

Wassail smells like a fruity bouquet of tangy oranges, apples and spices.

Buy Wassail Wax Bars Online
Whiteout Scentsy Bar

The whiteout scent smells like an exhilarating blast of cool peppermint, golden apple and frosty winter pine.

Buy Whiteout Wax Bars Online


If you prefer ordering over the phone simply give me a call @ 1-800-647-9287 and I will be happy to help you.