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How Much Money Do You Make As a Scentsy Consultant?

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You can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a year up to six figures a year selling Scentsy warmers, bars and other Scentsy products. However....the amount you make depends on the following factors:

Ultimately the amount that you can earn depends on you. You can earn a little extra income or make a career out of a Scentsy business depending on what your personal goals are. Personally, I work my business full-time and earn a substantial income that allows me to be home with my children and be my own boss. There is absolutely nothing wrong with joining to simply save a little money fulfilling your Scentsy addiction. Others become a consultant with the goal of working from home fulltime, being their own boss and making A LOT of cash.


Below are the top 10 reasons to become a Scentsy consultants:

  1. You can be yourself! - No fancy clothes required, just your sparkling personality and enthusiasm for running your own business.

  2. You can do this! - No degrees, business experience or special schooling required.

  3. Be part of something bigger than sales! - Our team is a family, and we’re here to support you and do whatever we can to help you build a successful business.

  4. The opportunity to give back! - Scentsy believes in giving more than we take, we donate to various causes to help the less fortunate.

  5. Earn additional income! - Earn income on your schedule with quality products you believe in.

  6. Earn amazing awards! - Consultants have earned incentive trips to places like Disney, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Greece and Hawaii.

  7. Always smell great! - Get paid to buy your favorite scentsy bars and enjoy the perks of a paycheck.

  8. Be your own boss! - You decide when, where and how much you want to work. Want to work in your pajamas from your bed? No problem!

  9. Get a committed Home Office team and sponsor – free of charge! Scentsy head office and your sponsor is invested in you and committed to seeing your business be successful.

  10. Today is a new day! - Don’t wait for a year from now to say, “I wish I would have signed up last year.” Start building your legacy now, make the plunge and join today!


How Much Commission Does a Scentsy Consultant Earn?

When you first sign up you earn 20% commision on anything you sell. Once you've sold for 1000 PRV ( personal retail volume ) you become a certified consultant you earn 25% commission instead on 20%. You can commission from your down line if you so choose to become a team leader and recruit new consultants. The amount that you earn from your down line depends on your rank as well as theirs, see chart below for a breakdown of the Scentsy compensation plan.


Scentsy compensation plan chart


Do Scentsy Consultants Get Discounts?

The short answer in no...well not really. What I mean by this is that as a consultant you do not get a special discount. However, if you buy Scentsy products for yourself, even if they are on sale, you earn commission on them. So you don't get a straight up discount but you make money off the product you buy for's a win / win!

How Do You Join Scentsy?

To join Scentsy simply follow these steps:

  1. Head over to my joining page here.

  2. Click on the "Join Scentsy" button at the top of the page

  3. Choose your Country of residence and your language preference when prompted.

  4. Fill in your personal information and choose your sponsor ( Hopefully you decide to join my team! )

  5. Pay the enrollment fee ( $129 in Canada, $99 in US - plus applicable taxes ) with a credit card. Visa, MasterCard, Debit Visa or Prepaid credit cards are accepted.

  6. Congratulations, you are now a consultant! You will receive an email from Scentsy confirming your enrollment within a few hours. I will also send you a welcome email ( Usually within 24hrs ) which will contain valuable information to help you start your new business.


Scentsy Income Disclosure Statement

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Feel free to send me an email or call me @ 1-800-647-9287 if you have any questions.