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Scentsy Kitchen Cleaning Products - Scentsy Canada

Scentsy Cleaning Products
Why choose between fragrance and performance in home cleaning products? Scentsy's new line of products have cutting edge technologies that fend off dirt and dissolve grime. They will leave your kitchen spotless and scented for all to enjoy.

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Scentsy Kitchen Counter Cleaner
Kitchen Counter Cleaner
Scentsy Kitchen Soap
Kitchen Soap
Scentsy Fresh - Odor Eliminator
Odor Eliminator
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Scentsy Clean - Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Q. Can I use Scentsy Clean Kitchen Soap in my dishwasher?

A. No. Do not use our kitchen soap in your dishwasher.

Q. How much soap should I use to clean a sink full of dirty dishes?

A. It depends on how greasy or how many dishes there are. Start with a small amount ( a few pumps ) and add more soap as required.

Q. Is Scentsy Kitchen Soap antibacterial?

A. No, it is not antibacterial.

Q. Will Scentsy Clean Kitchen Soap dry out my hands?

A. Not with normal use. However, we recommend to not use it as a hand soap and to avoid prolonged exposure.

Q. Can the Kitchen Soap be used for other things other than cleaning dishes?

A. Absolutely! It can be used to clean other kitchen surfaces as well as floors. It also does a great job degreasing grills, simply soak grates or grills overnight in hot, soapy water for easy cleaning.

Q. Is the Hand Soap antibacterial?

A. Our Hand Soap does not have antibacterial properties.

Q. How does Hand Soap work?

A. It works by rubbing warm, soapy water between your fingers and over your hands. Germs, dirt, and other contaminants are removed from your skin.

Q. Is the Kitchen Counter Cleaner non toxic?

A. No, our Kitchen Counter Cleaner should not be ingested or inhaled. Same as with any other household cleaner.

Q. Does the Counter Cleaner contain any disinfecting or antibacterial ingredients?

A. No.

Q. Do you test the Counter Cleaner on any animals?

A. Not at all.

Q. Is it safe to use the Kitchen Counter Cleaner around pets and children?

A. Yes, if you follow normal safety precautions. Keep it out of the reach of children, cats, dogs or any other pets to avoid ingestion.

Q. Does using Scentsy Counter Clean provide advantages over conventional over the counter cleaners?

A. Absolutely! It's formulated with amazing Scentsy fragrance, it also makes cleaning easier with continued use.