Tanya Charette - Independent Canadian Scentsy Consultant

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Scentsy Scents Canada

Scentsy Bars are approximately 2.4 oz and are made of high quality wax that is specifically designed to melt at low temperatures.Scentsy bars come in premolded containers devided into 6 cubes that are easily broken apart. Choose from over 80 fragrances.
Scentsy Wax
Scentsy uses a food grade petroleum based wax. This wax is used because of its superior scent loading ability, melt point and firmness. Scentsy looked into vegetable based waxes, but we just couldn’t create a quality candle bar.

Scentsy Fragrance Bar Collections

Scentsy Fall and Winter 2016 Scents
Spring and Summer 2017
Scentsy New Releases Collection
New Releases Collection
Scentsy Classics Scent Collection
Classics Collection
Scentsy Man Fragrance Collection
Man Collection
Scentsy Romance Fragrance Collection
Romance Collection
Scentsy Corner Cafe Scent Collection
Corner Café Collection
Scentsy Kids Fragrance Collection
Kids Collection
Scentsy Warmers
Scentsy Warmers
Scentsy Oils - Natural and Essential
Essential and Natural Oils

Blue Grotto is The Scentsy Scent Of The Month For March 2017

Every month Scentsy chooses a scent of the month and promotes it by offering a 10% discount. This is a great deal for people that love the fragrance and want to stock up on it.

"Blue Grotto" is this March's Scentsy scent of the month , try it today!

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